24 Amazing Container Gardening Planting Designs

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for your container gardening? Discover here 24 Amazing Container Gardening Planting Designs. There is an magic formula in almost all these beautiful container gardens: Thriller + Filler + Spiller.

The ” thriller” is usually a big focal point plant in the center. The “fillers” are secondary plants that make the planting look full and vibrant. The “spillers” are plants that offer added dimension  and interest by spilling over the containers.

1 & 2. Sculptural center plants.

The sculptural forms and foliage of the “thriller” plants in these containers offers a structure for all the filling and spilling plants.

Recipe 1: Canna ‘Australia’, Canna ‘Tropicanna Gold’, Infinity Orange New Guinea Impatiens, ‘Hot Shot’ Orange portulaca, Begonia boliviensis, ‘Orange Marmalade’ Crossandra, Sweet Caroline Bronze Sweet Potato Vine.

Recipe 2: Dracaena or African Iris (center spike), Pink Geranium, Mixed color Trailing Petunias, green Sweet Potato Vine.

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3 & 4. Have your container garden and eat it too.

Many edible plants have gorgeous and colorful foliage, plus delicious tastes! Here are two great examples of how edibles can be mixed with ornamental plants.

Recipe 3: Red Swiss Chard, Helleborus ‘Sunmarble’, Heuchera, Fern

Recipe 4: Artichoke, Kale, Light pink Verbena, Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’, White Petunia

(Source 3 | 4 )

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5 & 6. A star trailing plant

Talking about spilling over, Dichondra is an easy to grow plant that just spills, and spills, and spills…

Recipe 5: Mexican Feather grass, Orange Gazania,  Dichondra repens, Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’

Recipe 6: Succulents- Kalanchoe ‘Fantastic’, Sedums, Echeverias, Dichondra ‘Silver Falls’

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7 & 8. One Color Magic

A stunning container garden does not have to have all the colors of a rainbow.  Sometimes variations of one color, such as the yellows or burgundy colors below, can look drop-dead-gorgeous.

Recipe 7: Durango Dahlia, Great Balls of Fire White Ivy Leaf Geranium, Yellow Petunia, Bidens ferulifolia ‘Bidy Gonzales

Recipe 8: Cordyline fruticosa ( Ti Plant ), Burgundy Petunia

( Source 7 | 8 )

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