15 Stunning Container Vegetable Garden Design Ideas

6. Grow Edible Flowers

zucchini and edible flowers

To add some interest, color, and beauty, it’s a good idea to grow some edible flowers. You can use them in salads, to garnish your meal or make sharbat. Flowers like marigold, calendula, viola, nasturtiums can be tried. The list is long; the Treehugger has the names, check out!

7. Give Space to Herbs

herbs in railing planters

Your container vegetable garden may look incomplete if you don’t grow some herbs. Fresh herbs can enhance the taste of your meal always, so it’s a great idea. You don’t need to grow all the herbs, consider adding 2-3 plants that you like most and suits your location. Parsley, thyme, mint, sage, oregano, cilantro and much more to choose from. A window box, a few small containers, hanging baskets, etc. can be used.

8. Tomatoes are Must

Tomatoes on windowsill

Tomatoes are a wonderful and the most important addition to a container vegetable garden. They look beautiful too. Choose 2-3 varieties and grow a few plants to get a bountiful harvest of homegrown tomatoes. Learn about the best tomato varieties for the container in this post.

9. Add Colorful Varieties


Vegetables and herbs with the different texture, attractive foliage, and colors can be an excellent addition to your container vegetable garden; they can add visual interest to it. Red hot pepper, red stemmed swiss chard, round midnight basil, fine leaf rosemary with other herbs like lemon grass or thyme can make it look appealing. Here’s an interesting post on colorful vegetables for you to see!

10. Use Unique Planters

Container-Vegetable garden

Use unique planters to provide virtual interest to your container vegetable garden. You can recycle and DIY your own planters or buy a few in unusual shape and size. There are a lot of DIY ideas available on our website for help.

11. Play with the Height

stunning vegetable garden

If you don’t want your vegetable garden to look boring, play with the height. Don’t use planters of similar size and height. Instead, group large and small containers together, this will create a visual appeal.

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Group plants according to their height to create a garden like surrounding effect. To do this, place tall plants in the back and short and low growing plants like herbs and greens in front.


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