How To Grow Watermelon In A Container

If you have been longing to grow your own watermelon at home, l have good news for you. I have below an expert gardener tips on how to grow watermelon in a container at home.

Good news is that you don’t have to be a professional gardener or farmer to grow your own watermelons. You don’t even need a lawn or grass! You can grow a mouthwatering watermelons in a container on your patio or balcony.

How to Grow Watermelon in a Container

Source: Balcony Garden Web

Step 1) Get a Container

Get yourself a large container. One that holds 5-gallons and is at least 2-feet deep is best. Your watermelon roots will need lots of room to stretch out.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

Step 2) Make Sure It Has Drainage

Drill holes in the bottom of your container so that excess water can drain out.

Step 3) Choose Your Soil Wisely

Pour potting soil or a soilless mix into your container. It’s best to avoid using garden or topsoil because that stuff compacts easily and will make it harder for your watermelon to grow.

Step 4) Create a Trellis

Make sure the vines of your watermelon will have space to grow upward. Create a trellis or have another mechanism that you can train the vines to climb up.

Source: Balcony Garden Web

Step 5) Remove Unwanted Branches and Vines

Plant your seeds. You’ll want to make sure that only one main vine grows per seed planted. Make sure to pinch off any side branches or vines that start to develop. This will strengthen your main vine, make it healthier, and more bountiful.

Source: YouTube Screenshot

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